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Foolstop Design is a small online shop based in India and founded by artist Ankit Patel. Their products range from earrings, tote bags and fun merchandise with quirky themes.

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Designer's shit 

Handmade with love, from sandalwood-dhoop and some secret shit.

opps 1.jpg

Oops! We did it again.

Our Oops tote is here as a fun reminder to fail again and again till you fail better.

devid 2.jpg

2020 was such a sore.
We missed partying
on the dance floor,
so we made a tote
with a disco ball
that you'll never find
at any mall!

Grab'em while they last.

guru chela 3 (2).jpg

Guruchela candies anyone?  We'll forever be a sucker for these old school goodies. The imagery on the candy packs left us gaping with wonderment as kids. A reminder of the fact that when life turns you upside down..simply adjust the view!

Guruchela was a popular Indian candy with two-faced prints so cool that you would never want to throw the wrappers away. Gonna be tickling your 90's nostalgia with the guru chela inspired TOTE BAGS !

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